Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

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​Learn the ABC of Music

Learning to read music is a crucial skill for any aspiring musican whatever instrument you may play! I teach all levels from the basics of note names and rhythms to figured bass and four part chorales. I build the basics of music theory into all my student’s violin lessons as an integral part of the process of learning music. Once a certain level of knowledge is reached, it may be necessary to have special music theory lessons (especially when preparing for Grade 5 Music Theory!). Ah yes…speaking of which!

​Grade 5 Theory

The dreaded grade 5 theory! The exam noone ever seems to want to do, yet is a necessary and hugely benficial milestone before advancing your playing further. Whether you need to know your chords from your cadences or your 6-4 chords from your 1c chord, drop me a message over on the contact page.

I charge $35 for a half hour music theory lesson and $65 for a full hour.